How Cloud can benefit your company

Cloud has grown in popularity because of the many benefits this technology offers to users. Whilst it has gained a large following among personal computer users, Cloud is also of benefit for business use.

Savvy business owners have been using Cloud technology to enhance their companies in numerous ways, from reducing costs to enabling a more flexible workforce. If you are considering investing in Cloud technology for your own business, some of the benefits include:

Flexibility and Scalability
Using Cloud enables speed of deployment and the ability to increase computer power on demand, making your workforce faster and more efficient.

Computing and network speeds
Cloud allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies and high speed networks at a fraction of what it would cost for you to purchase yourself.

Disaster recovery
Build disaster recovery into your business by using Cloud to host your data in high availability compute environments within robust UK data centres.

Automatic software updates
Automatic server patches means you don’t need to worry about this yourself.

Cap-ex free
Cloud services are available on a monthly payment basis, reducing your capital overheads.

Increased collaboration and information flow
Cloud provides access to the latest business tools such as Share Sync, Skype for business, and hosted email. These enable your business to be more efficient with your resources, as well as allowing project teams to collaborate and share documents securely.

Work from anywhere
Cloud services enables your employees to access their resource from anywhere at any time, helping to create a more flexible and efficient workforce.

Document control
File share and sync tools enable your employees to co-edit and share files in a safe environment, as well as providing an auditable trail for compliance.

Innovation and competitiveness
In order to win business you need to be able to respond quickly to seasonal or customer demands. Cloud provides you with the ability to switch on additional resource to deal with business demands.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is vital. Protecting information and data is extremely important and has serious monetary implications for companies who choose to rollout in-house solutions.

FSI Cloud is a 27001:2013 accredited business. The security of our environment is of paramount importance. Clients can therefore take advantage of enterprise levels of security, at a fraction of the cost to build their own in-house solution.

To find out more about how FSI Cloud can benefit your business or for further information about the products and services we offer, simply fill in our contact form and we will contact you for an informal discussion.

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Tony Cohen

Tony joined BT in 1987 and chose to develop his career in data communications. He moved from an engineering to programme management role with Global One before taking up a position as Global Account Director in 1999. Tony joined iPass in 2002 where he was Head of channel sales before moving to Intermedia to grow their European channel sales organisation. In 2012 Tony joined FSI Cloud as General Manager to accelerate the development of their hosting and managed IT solutions division.

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