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Quick deployment

There is an ever increasing requirement on businesses to respond to variable or seasonal demands, and the challenges that this has on infrastructure and data storage capacity.

FSI Public Cloud provides a virtual data centre environment which is quick to deploy without having to procure, install and manage any hardware.

Business benefits

FSI Public Cloud solutions alleviates the need to buy and maintain your own hardware and offers real benefits to business, including

  • Reduction of capital expenditure
  • Faster deployment of computing resources
  • Speed-up time to market
  • Cost savings with a pay as you go pricing model
  • Benefit from the fully redundant and resilient infrastructure.
  • A greener way to do business

FSI Public Cloud solution provides a flexible and Scalable solution, enabling a more agile environment for testing and delivering new applications.

The accessibility to an on demand computing resource at your fingertips provides significant cost savings and reassurance that your business can react quickly to its market demands.

Fully Managed Solution

FSI Cloud provides a fully managed Public Cloud service for our customers. We will select the operating system and hardware configuration needed to provide you with the most optimum performance.

Once we have completed your configuration, an email confirmation will be sent advising that your environment has been built. Your system is ready to use and any changes are usually active within the hour.


FSI Public Cloud provides a flexible approach, allowing you to choose from pre-defined service levels, as follows:

  • Essential: Recommended for Test / Development and Standard Production Applications
  • Balanced: Recommended for Standard Production and High Performance applications
  • Premier: Recommended for Standard Production, High Performance and Mission Critical applications feature

FSI Cloud can configure how much computing power you need by adding CPU and RAM storage as requested. We can also define firewall rules and load balancer configurations to meet your requirements and continually adjust the configuration to meet your business demands.