Marden Homes (Hosted Email)

Marden Homes (Hosted Email)


Marden Homes Ltd, a leading regeneration company, specialise in buying sites and enhancing their value through obtaining planning permission for residential and mixed-use developments. Their highly experienced land team has extensive knowledge of the complexities of the planning system, which in turn enables them to unlock added value in property that others cannot.

With new housing developments mainly all over Essex and the surrounding regions, ranging from stylish city centre apartments to detached family homes in the country, they have an exhaustive selection of properties of outstanding quality and value.

Marden Homes required a solution that included businessgrade features and added security and compliance in order to meet industry standards and regulations. After considering these needs and reviewing their options, Marden Homes decided a Hosted Exchange solution was their best fit.

The Challenges

With rapid growth in the organisation, one of Marden Homes’ priorities was to stabilise secure email communications.

Ivor Watson, Property Manager & Sites Co-Ordinator, and his team required a system that would prevent email outages, adhere to regulatory compliance requirements and secure email communication standards.

Describing why they chose FSI Cloud’s Hosted Exchange, Ivor says “we required a scalable, cost effective Exchange environment.”

From an IT perspective, Hosted Exchange allows Marden Homes to maintain control over important things such as mailbox creation, wireless email activation, distribution lists, and more, whilst taking away the hassle of purchasing and managing hardware and software.

The Solution

FSI Cloud’s Hosted Exchange solution required no additional work or technical requirements from Marden Homes.

“With FSI Cloud, we were given the attention we needed to make the rollout work,” Ivor says. “Microsoft wanted us to use a third party to do the migration. They struggled to give a company our size the attention and support we needed.”

Ivor also knew that the right cloud provider could solve a host of problems at once: business continuity, eDiscovery preparation, fi le syncing and sharing and more. Marden Homes was happy that FSI Cloud could fill all these needs. Our Email Archiving service would not only provide peace of mind, it would also save the company money and man-hours in the event of litigation.

The Results

With the assistance of the FSI Cloud team, Marden Homes migrated from an on-premises Exchange
environment to FSI Cloud’s Hosted Exchange. The transition was completed in a matter of days with minimal impact to the end-users. Employees were extremely satisfi ed with the unlimited storage feature and always-on availability of email.

From a cost perspective, Hosted Exchange allows businesses to plan for a regular monthly fee with no surprise upgrade or maintenance costs. The fee is calculated on a per-user basis, making it easy for businesses to project future costs based on expected future hires and staff growth. “By paying a low fee each month rather than a huge upfront investment, we are able to invest in other projects that help us continue to grow our business,” says Ivor.

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Tony Cohen

Tony joined BT in 1987 and chose to develop his career in data communications. He moved from an engineering to programme management role with Global One before taking up a position as Global Account Director in 1999. Tony joined iPass in 2002 where he was Head of channel sales before moving to Intermedia to grow their European channel sales organisation. In 2012 Tony joined FSI Cloud as General Manager to accelerate the development of their hosting and managed IT solutions division.