Marden Homes (Hosted Email)

Background Marden Homes Ltd, a leading regeneration company, specialise in buying sites and enhancing their value through obtaining planning permission for residential and mixed-use developments. Their highly experienced land team has extensive knowledge of the complexities of the planning system, which in turn enables them to unlock added value in property that others cannot. With […]

Rowan Group (ShareSync)

Background Rowan Group is a group of specialist recruitment businesses working on appointments at board level through its executive search consultancy, Rowan Partners, on senior nance appointments through its specialist Rowan Finance business, and on C level appointments in East Africa through Rowan International. Founded in 2010, Rowan Group has already expanded into three of […]

How Cloud can benefit your company

Cloud has grown in popularity because of the many benefits this technology offers to users. Whilst it has gained a large following among personal computer users, Cloud is also of benefit for business use. Savvy business owners have been using Cloud technology to enhance their companies in numerous ways, from reducing costs to enabling a […]

Are you archiving your emails correctly?

Offices are often a hive of communication. Whether through phone calls, social media or skype, there are numerous ways we can communicate with customers and clients. For most professionals, however, the communication of choice is email. Quick and easy to send, plus providing a record of conversations, emails are an essential part of modern businesses. […]

Top 10 Email Archiving features you shouldn’t live without

For most firms, the incremental cost of not adequately archiving emails can quickly escalate into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Email archiving is the solution to these woes—but not all services are created equal. As you consider your providers, here’s what to look for. 1 Compatibility with your email platformThe best […]

How important is your data?

I have heard a lot of stories lately regarding the devastating effect on businesses due to data loss. Could your business still function if it lost all of its data? I would imagine the answer is no – not for long.  So why do so many companies overlook such an important task as backing up […]