How remote managed IT solutions can help your business

Remote Managed IT Solutions

Who takes care your business’ computer systems? The chances are that if you are an SME, you don’t have the resources to enable a full-time in-house IT support team to take care of your systems. With computers now a vital part of running a business it is essential that your systems are working all the time to their optimal capacity. It is for this reason that over the years we have noticed more and more SMEs choosing FSI Cloud as their remote managed IT solutions team.

If your business has yet to take advantage of a remote managed IT solutions IT team, here are just some of the ways they can benefit your business.

Full-time IT support

While your remote managed IT solutions won’t be in-house, you will have access to IT support full-time. This means that no matter what time during your office hours you can be certain that there is an IT team on hand in case anything goes wrong with your computer systems. This remote team can provide a full IT service, from network monitoring to data recovery. This means that SMEs don’t have to have a full-time in-house team to ensure full-time IT support.

Save money

A huge benefit of using a remote managed IT solutions team is that it can help business owners to save money. Instead of having to pay for an expensive in-house team or person to provide IT support, this service can be done by a remote team at a much more cost-effective price. This means that business owners can access the full benefits of having an IT support team, but without having to invest the resources into having an in-house team to do this.

Quick access

Technology today means that just because an IT support team is not onsite, it doesn’t mean they can’t quickly access your systems. Remote login to your systems and remote desktop technology means that your remote IT support team can quickly access your computer systems and fix any problems or issues you have easily and efficiently. As well as this, your remote managed IT solutions team will always be a quick phone call away to deal with any computer issues you have.

Expert knowledge

Sometimes businesses will attempt to save money by giving the job of IT support to an employee with a basic understanding of computers. While this can be tempting, with computers being such a vital aspect of running a business, it is important to have experts in charge of ensuring your systems remain secure and functioning. By using a remote managed IT solutions team companies can be confident that they are getting expert knowledge in all areas of their computer systems.

With these benefits, it is easy to see why so many businesses are choosing to opt for a remote managed IT solutions to ensure their IT systems remain working efficiently and effectively. When choosing a provider for your remote managed IT solutions there are a few considerations you need to take into account to ensure you choose the right one for you; these are:

•    Do you trust the provider?

•    Can you establish a good relationship with the team?

•    Will the provider offer a quick and efficient response to your issues?

•    Is the provider easy to contact?

•    Can the team provide the service you require?

Once you’ve found the right managed services provider for your business, you will be able to gain the full benefits of using this form of support for your business computer systems.

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Tony Cohen

Tony joined BT in 1987 and chose to develop his career in data communications. He moved from an engineering to programme management role with Global One before taking up a position as Global Account Director in 1999. Tony joined iPass in 2002 where he was Head of channel sales before moving to Intermedia to grow their European channel sales organisation. In 2012 Tony joined FSI Cloud as General Manager to accelerate the development of their hosting and managed IT solutions division.

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