Rowan Group (ShareSync)

Rowan Group (ShareSync)


Rowan Group is a group of specialist recruitment businesses working on appointments at board level through its executive search consultancy, Rowan Partners, on senior nance appointments through its specialist Rowan Finance business, and on C level appointments in East Africa through Rowan International. Founded in 2010, Rowan Group has already expanded into three of ces in that time.

Rowan Partners required a solution to include business- grade features with added security and compliance in order to meet industry requirements. FSI Cloud approached Rowan Partners outlining the bene ts of ShareSync, and after running a trial of the software with a couple of users, Rowan Partners decided ShareSync, managed by FSI Cloud, was a good t for their requirements.

The Challenges

Rowan Group had already seen the bene ts of Cloud based services and as the business expanded they had used one of the large corporate data storage solution providers. However, the product didn’t provide the exibility the business needed, it was unreliable, and was frustrating users who gradually lost con dence in the integrity of the data they were working on.

The company needed an alternative which gave the same con dence in the security of the data, but was more robust.

Jane Chantry, Of ce Manager, and her team looked at solutions in the market to see what would suit their requirements: – “We needed a business aimed solution and not a commercial solution to ensure that our les and documents were highly secure yet easily accessible for our staff.”

The Solution

ShareSync’s integration with their other services was an important factor for both Rowan Partners administration team and their users. Another factor was how easy it was to deploy.

No matter where they were, ShareSync gave every Rowan Partner team member access to relevant project documents in a shared folder – securely. Staff could be anywhere across the country or beyond and could access all their les and collaborate instantly. For Jane and her users, that was a “big win.”

The Results

ShareSync, managed by FSI Cloud, has helped all personnel of Rowan Partners access the les they need from wherever they are. ShareSync has also allowed their staff to set viewing and editing permissions on the les they share throughout the business. Overall, everyone has increased collaboration and sharing between remote locations. The ability to control data, securely send les, and work across devices, without all the hassle.

ShareSync was the right solution for Rowan Partners. It has helped with ef ciency and productivity, allowing Rowan Partners to push on with their forward thinking business. Moving from stagnant solutions to ShareSync has made Jane’s job easier too: “ShareSync came along at the right time for us and we haven’t looked back”.

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Tony Cohen

Tony joined BT in 1987 and chose to develop his career in data communications. He moved from an engineering to programme management role with Global One before taking up a position as Global Account Director in 1999. Tony joined iPass in 2002 where he was Head of channel sales before moving to Intermedia to grow their European channel sales organisation. In 2012 Tony joined FSI Cloud as General Manager to accelerate the development of their hosting and managed IT solutions division.