Using Email, SharePoint and Lync to Improve Collaboration and Productivity

In a world where we are time poor, all businesses want to improve their productivity levels. After all; better productivity leads to increased profits!

For most businesses, the largest outgoing will be their staff costs. Whilst this can be a large chunk of money every month, this outgoing directly relates to the incoming funds. As such, it is worthwhile ensuring that productivity of your staff is an optimal as possible.

In the grand scheme of things, small changes such as conducting staff training sessions are unlikely to make a sizable difference to profit. To really improve the bottom line of your business, you need to analyse the day to day running and its productivity from a deeper level.

That’s where business management software can become a very worthwhile investment. From simple emails through to shared document solutions, you can make a huge difference to the day to day running of your business.

Hosted Exchange
There are still many companies who have on premise Exchange 2003 and 2007 servers. These servers are a decade behind the mobile age. Businesses are missing out on the new features which are provided in Hosted Exchange 2013 such as higher productivity and collaborative working within their work force.

Opting for a FSI Cloud Hosted Exchange solution gives companies the flexibility to rollout the new functionality and improve the way their employees communicate. Hosted Solution also provides higher performance, availability and data protection which was usually only enjoyed by the biggest Fortune 500 companies.

Email Archiving
Storage of emails when hosted in-house has the potential to place a huge load on your business mail servers. This can cause computers and the network to run slowly and as a result, can negatively impact the efficiency of your staff.

But when you need access to historic communications on a day to day basis, what alternative is there? Well, there is a way to increase productivity of your business through Email Archiving with a third party provider such as FSI Cloud. By hosting archived mail in the cloud, you can free up the load on your servers with zero storage restrictions, easy access and the highest levels of security. Choose FSI Cloud and you can also benefit from 24/7 phone and email support as well as the security of encrypted data, simple and effective recovery methods and more.


Hosted SharePoint
For firms where you may have staff members working collaboratively on a single client or project; wouldn’t it be great to have shared access to documents? Team productivity and efficiency could increase exponentially.

This is where SharePoint, provided by us here at FSI Cloud, comes into its own.

Our Hosted SharePoint servers provide an ingenious solution to document, calendar and idea sharing among colleagues. The platform can be accessed via a standard web browser at any time. It cuts down on wasted time sending numerous emails or conducting lengthy meetings. It also reduces the storage space used by sending and forwarding emails with attachments. This is a fantastic solution for all levels of staff from junior members through to partners.

The platform is available as a standalone solution or as part of FSI Cloud’s productivity solution. Whichever option you select, day to day duties will soon become far easier to execute!

Hosted Lync Server
Productivity across multiple office locations can be one of the trickiest hurdles to overcome. When you have collaborative staff working on shared projects, ease of communication is key.

The Microsoft Lync service from FSI Cloud is the ideal solution. It provides instant messaging and a multitude of other services from one single platform. So, whether you have staff who work from home or staff in an office on the other side of the world, they can communicate effectively by instant messaging, voice or video conferencing.

The perfect solution for any company who wants to keep in touch with their employees, the Lync application is a simple but infinitely useful tool.

Get the cogs of your business turning faster, with this range of tools at your disposal!

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Tony Cohen

Tony joined BT in 1987 and chose to develop his career in data communications. He moved from an engineering to programme management role with Global One before taking up a position as Global Account Director in 1999. Tony joined iPass in 2002 where he was Head of channel sales before moving to Intermedia to grow their European channel sales organisation. In 2012 Tony joined FSI Cloud as General Manager to accelerate the development of their hosting and managed IT solutions division.

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