How to utilise technology to be more productive out of the office

How to utilise technology to be more productive out of the officeFor many businesses traditional office working hours no longer exist. Whether working from home, travelling for client meetings, or simply needing to log on to catch up with work in the evenings, being productive out of the office is now just as important as being productive when you are seated at your office desk. With working away from the office so important today it is vital that you are as productive as possible from any location.

To help making working away from the office easier and more productive we have selected the most useful technology that enables you to work from anywhere at any time.

Smart phones and tablets

The two pieces of technology that has made working from any place at any time much easier are smart phones and tablets. Most business professionals already own at least one of these devices, so it is normally simply the case in ensuring that they are utilised productively. Making sure work emails can be accessed via smart phones and tablets is an easy and convenient way to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and customers wherever you are. Tablets can also be used as an alternative to laptops to access and work on documents.

Remote desktop

Remote desktops enable you to access data and information from your office computer from multiple devices at any location. This means that you are able to work from your desktop computer at home, on the move or abroad. While there are a variety of remote desktop services to choose from, whichever one you opt to go with always ensure it has a high level of security protection to ensure that third parties cannot access your computer desktop. As well as this, some remote desktop services will enable you to tailor the facility to suit your specific business needs so that you are not wasting money on services that you will not use.

The cloud

Cloud technology has made securely accessing data and information easy for businesses. Many of the technology used to access data remotely will use secure cloud technology to enable you to do so. As well as this, many businesses choose to store their data on the cloud as it provides an easier way to access information and data wherever and whenever it is needed. Another benefit to using the cloud to store data is that it provides a much bigger storage option than that provided by traditional servers.

Skype and video conferencing

One of the most important ways of being productive while away from the office is having the ability to keep in contact with colleagues. Skype and video conferencing services are the ideal way of attending important meetings when not in the office. These services enable you to have face to face contact with colleagues when you are not able to physically be in the office, helping you to be part of important discussions wherever you are.

While working away from the office can be difficult at time, modern technology has enabled businesses to keep up with current flexible working trends making it easier and more productive for employees and business owners to work from any location at any time of the day or night.

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